The ratio estimations/decisions in financial statements and in financial audit

Author:PhD Student Elena Emilia IORDACHE, University lecturer, PhD Nicu MARCU



Keywords:financial auditor, fiscal inspector, errors, estimations, financial decisions, fiscal control

It is well known that among the financial audit procedures performed by the financial auditor and those of the fiscal control applied by the tax inspector there are not similarities as far as concerns the techniques for the two activities and the tasks of each of them. Still, there are enough situation in which the two individuals should ensure that the entity under review present a fair financial position, meaning a fair view in the context of the activities performed. \r\nEven if the objectives of the two individuals are different, in order to obtain some reasonable results it is necessary to apply a series of activities in order to allow a sufficient dimensioning in order to detect the errors, the frauds or the breaches of the applicable legislation.\r\n\r\n