Implementing the International Financial Reporting Standards and Interpretations across EU: Amendments to IAS 39, IFRIC 9 and IFRS 7

Author:Monica BIZON, Ph.D. Student



Keywords:financial instruments, embedded derivatives, assessment, fair value, European regulations

Starting from the moment when the first signals of the financial crisis where manifest and the first emergency measures in the field of the international standards related to the financial instruments were adopted, the European and international bodies having regulating responsibilities have started to pay more and more attention to the issues regarding the assessment and the accounting of the financial instruments reflected through the annual financial statements. IASB has announced the intention to review of the IAS 39 in three successive phases. The European Commission runs ongoing analyze of the documents issued by IASB, in order to adopt and publish European regulations for adopting in real time all the international amendments brought to the financial reporting standards. \r\n