Globalization – Different Perceptions and Contradictory Effects

Author:Iulian VĂCĂREL, PhD.



Keywords:globalization, integrating national economies, liberalization, IMF, World Bank, national interest, financial-accounting professionals

This article comprises the main opinions expressed by the author in the dissertation presented in front of the Senate of the Western University of Timişoara on the occasion of receiving the Doctor Honoris Cauza title, opinions that demonstrated their relevance, also in the circumstances of the current international economic crisis. But the author also considers it necessary to make some more pragmatic precisions and reassessments. It is assumed that globalization, seen as a process oriented towards eliminating the barriers of the free change, towards integrating national economies, should produce positive effects in the countries all around the world. Nevertheless, besides successes, the author also makes some argumented criticism regarding the activity of certain international organizations for not accomplishing the mission the have been established for. After referring strictly to the role of the financial-accounting professionals in the context of the globalization process, the author reveals the fact that a series of deficiencies of the above mentioned process also came to the front in the case of the current international economic crisis. Finally, some ideas regarding the report between globalization and national interest are expressed, the conclusion being that prudence, moderation and avoiding idealizing globalization should be promoted.\r\n\r\n