Some aspects regarding the closing works of 2007 financial year by the economic operators

Author:PhD. Alexandra LAZĂR



Keywords:tresory shares, equity, legal obligation, implicit obligation, tangible fixed assets, accounting errors, profit distributions, consolidated annual financial statements

The annual financial statements, approved by the shareholders general meeting, can not be modified, as a consequence of the adjustment of the influence of the accounting errors or of the change the profit’s destinations. The gains and losses, linked to equity instruments, are recognized in equity and not directly in the profit and loss account. \r\n\r\nThe evaluations made for legal reorganizations purposes do not represent accounting reevaluations and, as consequence, their resultants are not recognized in accounts. The costs estimated initially for demolition and removal of the tangible fixed asset, at the moment of its taking off of the accounting, and those for restoration, are part of the value of that asset.\r\n