The audit, the internal control and the credibility of the accountancy information pertaining to the entity`s joint stock

Author:Univ. Prof., PhD. Constantin STAICU, Univ. Prof., PhD. Magdalena MIHAI



Keywords:internal control, internal audit, financial audit, accountant information, credibility

Regarding the announced theme we mention that it was meant to be a particularization of the general methodology of using the control mechanisms and internal audit and those for the financial audit in such a way to point out, with sufficient elements, how one can contribute to the growth in credibility of the accountant information afferent to the social capital of the firm. \r\n\r\nSuch information, as well as any accountant information, is unanimously appreciated, being considered a faithful product, verified and neutral, but its verification during the judgemental process, with no resources and with reduced risks or even one of zero level, requires, righteously and, at the same time, legally some subsidiary verifications, certifications or guaranties in what regards fidelity. In this way, it is indispensable the contribution of some authorized physical persons or juridical persons who effectuate the operations and confirmations specific for the mentioned mechanisms. \r\n\r\nBy the way it has been approached the theme put in for debate we consider that we have obtained extra arguments regarding the fact that, through the annual financial-accountant reports, we offer to those interested, and primary to the firm’s shareholders, correct information and, implicitly, credible in what regards the social capital of the firm, and similarly in what regards other categories of patrimonial elements.