Of a financial auditor’s reflections... the effects of IFRS 3 (I)

Author:PhD. Laurenţiu DOBROŢEANU, PhD. Camelia Liliana DOBROŢEANU



Keywords:Business combinations, acquisition methods, fair value, professional judgment, method pool of interests, general objectives on an audit

IFRS 3 – A new norm that affects the Romanian accounting profession and last but not the least the audit profession. We dare to say that affects badly the profession because of the reaction of the financial audit profession representatives in the training courses organized on an annual basis by the Chamber. We have to admit once for all that news can greatly affect. Still, judging based on the principle that we live in a world of speed which also train us and determine us to learn and to adapt to the changes in a more accelerated rhythm higher than the rhythm of the economic life, this should not surprise anybody and to feel without defense in face of a new norm with effects on our professional life. We are saying that it should because, in our opinion, the authentic professional should not focus only on the day he./she lives, but also on the day to come. This way, whether we like it or not, we probably learn in time to successfully activate in a sphere of the intellectual comfort” permanently waiting from other people to teach us how and what we have to do. Implicitly, this means that it is necessary to find in us the desire to look after new information, to read, to study, to be continuously to date with the latest information. We by ourselves, if we want to survive to the wave of changes!