Study on the Involving in Social Responsibility Actions and Activities of Higher Education Institutions from Romania

Author:Assistant Prof. Mihaela DUMITRAȘCU, Ph. D.; Univ. Prof. Liliana FELEAGĂ, Ph. D.; Univ. Prof. Niculae FELEAGĂ, Ph. D.

JEL:G39, I23


Keywords:social responsibility, universities, transparency, Romania

The paper investigates the involving in social responsibility actions and activities of higher education institutions from Romania. In order to achieve this objective, were analyzed the state higher education institutions, the accredited private higher education institutions, the private higher education institutions with temporally authorization and those who held only master study programs or postgraduate programs. The research results show that social responsibility actions are not so present in higher education institutions. The authors hope that the future will show an improvement in this situation, knowing that the implementation of corporate social responsibility reports increases the confidence of all stakeholders. \r\n