Ethics and malpractice statement

The articles sent in order to be published in the Audit Financiar Journal will have to observe the following ethics and malpractice requirements:

The authors of the papers which are to be published in the Audit Financiar Journal must honour any reasonable, qualified inquiry request targeting the propagative materials that are described in the paper. If software applications are developed and used in the submitted manuscripts, these applications must be made available to the reviewers upon request.

All the authors will sign the Statement available here.

As a publisher, the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania is committed to meeting high standard of ethical behaviour at all stages of the publication process. We will:

The Editorial Board, the external reviewers and the editorial office take no responsibility whatsoever for the content of the articles published in Audit Financiar Journal, both in Romanian and English. The authors are responsible for a potential fraud in the presented manuscript.

The Editor may deny further publication rights in the journal to authors unwilling to abide by these principles.