Audit Financiar Volume: 14, No. 135/2016

Journal no.135

ISSN:  1844 – 8801

Editor: CAFR

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Page 291 - 301
Identifying difficulties encountered by the accounting profession in accessing documents, in the digital economy context of Romania
Author: Alexandru ŢUGUI, Ana-Maria GHEORGHE
Abstract(102KB) Article(393KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/135/291
Page 302 - 311
Auditing security for the Cloud
Author: Dragos Marian MANGIUC
Abstract(102KB) Article(276KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/135/302
Page 312 - 319
The business perspective on transfer pricing and related legislation
Author: George Bogdan STANA
Abstract(90KB) Article(230KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/135/312
Page 320 - 325
Benefits and challenges regarding the IFRS implementation: lessons from the emerging economies
Author: Oana-Sanziana BENDOVSCHI
Abstract(94KB) Article(198KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/135/320
Page 326 - 334
The impact of the supervisory board structure on bank performance
Author: Mariana BUNEA, Eugeniu ŢURLEA
Abstract(107KB) Article(213KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/135/326
Page 334 - 342
Accounting practice regarding discounts. Limitations and actions for a modern legislation
Author: Alin-Eliodor TĂNASE, Traian-Ovidiu CALOTĂ
Abstract(107KB) Article(226KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/135/334