Audit Financiar Volume: 14, No. 136/2016

Journal no.136

ISSN:  1844 – 8801

Editor: CAFR

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Page 401 - 412
The rights of shareholders – basic principle of corporate governance by means of case-specific jurisprudence
Author: Adrian Doru BÎGIOI, Cristina Elena DUMITRU
Abstract(91KB) Article(246KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/136/401
Page 413 - 423
Boardroom diversity and audit fees: director ethnicity, independence and nationality
Author: Salau ABDULMALIK O., Ayoib CHE AHMAD
Abstract(91KB) Article(262KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/136/413
Page 424 - 435
Corporate responsibility reporting according to Global Reporting Initiative: an international comparison
Author: Ionela-Corina CHERSAN
Abstract(98KB) Article(305KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/136/424
Page 436 - 443
An analysis of corruption: the American continent versus Romania
Abstract(108KB) Article(284KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/136/436
Page 444 - 454
The macroeconomic analysis of public goods and their influence in the region of Czech Republic
Author: Richard POSPÍŠIL
Abstract(94KB) Article(287KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/136/444