Audit Financiar Volume: 14, No. 139/2016

Journal no.139

ISSN:  1844 – 8801

Editor: CAFR

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Page 747 - 760
The integrated reporting system: a new accountability enhancement tool for public sector entities
Author: Tudor OPRIŞOR, Adriana TIRON-TUDOR, Cristina Silvia NISTOR
Abstract(114KB) Article(499KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/139/747
Page 761 - 768
Accounting policies and practices applicable for the impairment of assets that generate income other than cash flows
Author: Marinela Daniela MANEA
Abstract(101KB) Article(239KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/139/761
Page 769 - 780
Accounting truth and its assurance in entities from the Republic of Moldova
Abstract(105KB) Article(310KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/139/769
Page 781 - 788
Considerations regarding the regulation, accounting and audit of bank deposits
Author: Marioara AVRAM, Veronel AVRAM
Abstract(96KB) Article(312KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/139/781
Page 789 - 799
Performance management through budgets. Drafting and launching the company’s sales budget
Author: Adriana Mihaela IONESCU, Cristina Elena BÎGIOI
Abstract(97KB) Article(341KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2016/139/789