Audit Financiar Volume: 16, No. 151/2018

Journal no.151

ISSN:  1844 – 8801

Editor: CAFR

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Page 365 - 372
Can accounting standardization serve the public interest?
Author: Alain Burlaud
Abstract(292KB) Article(292KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2018/151/016
Page 373 - 381
Determinants of audit delay: evidence from manufacturing sector of Indonesia
Author: Irine HERDJIONO, Nanik SUTANTI
Abstract(232KB) Article(414KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2018/151/017
Page 382 - 397
An interdisciplinary analysis with data mining and visualization tools applied on multiple and multi-source time series - The case of the forest fund in Romania
Author: Daniel HOMOCIANU, Dinu AIRINEI, Ciprian Ionel TURTUREAN
Abstract(245KB) Article(1475KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2018/151/018
Page 398 - 406
The importance of financial accounting auditing in the identification of economic criminal activities
Author: Emilia VASILE, Petrisor GRUIA
Abstract(233KB) Article(298KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2018/151/019
Page 407 - 414
Communication ethics in Audit
Author: Anca Irina TIURA, Alina DOMNISOR
Abstract(225KB) Article(353KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2018/151/020
Page 415 - 424
The effect of corporate governance and accruals quality on the corporate cash holdings: study on the manufacturing companies in Indonesian Stock Exchange
Author: Anggita Langgeng WIJAYA, BANDI
Abstract(239KB) Article(408KB)
DOI: 10.20869/AUDITF/2018/151/021